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Temporary Signage

SIE has been focusing on the Traffic sector, particularly on innovative solutions that facilitate matters in terms of logistics and that are more sustainable.

The focus is currently on permanent and temporary solutions, with an emphasis on road barriers.

With regard to provisional road barriers, SIE has created the Safeblock which includes two temporary signage solutions.

One such solutions has been developed in line with what is already on offer on the market: a barrier that offers maximum security. The other solution, the stackable Safeblock was developed in response to the parameters required by the market, with an innovative design, more sustainable, and with features that ensure more efficient logistics and handling.

The SIE-WeADD partnership won an award for this new product at the IF Design Awards 2019, a product that will no doubt be a differentiating solution on the market, with several advantages when compared to 'standard' barriers.


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