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Due to SIE's experience gained throughout these past 60 years on the market, our range of Drums is rather extensive.

Considering the market's different needs, this range of products ensures safe handling, efficient packaging, and is more affordable in terms of transport and storage costs. The properties of the packaged products (whether solid, liquid, or in paste form) remain unaltered thanks to the different sealing systems and their functional design.

SIE provides 4 different types of Drum solutions with a 30L to 240L capacity: Cap with Metal closing Ring Drums, Screw-on Cap Drums, Narrow-Mouth Drums, and Stackable Drums.rums.

The different references shown and respective description correspond to SIE's standard products available. Other products may be developed and produced according to the client's needs.
The solutions shown may vary in terms of colour, include different certifications (ADR, Alimentar [Foodstuff], IATA, IMDG), have a wide range of accessories and optional characteristics associated, and be produced with other specific features, such as multilayer (COEX) production.


  • Químicos Chemical
  • Agro-Alimentar Agrifood
  • Farmaceutico Pharmaceutical
  • Fitosanitários Phytosanitary

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