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The bottles in this range of products are part of the Packaging range of products with a capacity of less than 5L.
Such solutions can vary between 0.125L and 2L.

The different formats, sealing systems, and accessories mean that we are capable of providing for the different markets' most diverse needs.

These products are grouped according to their format: in this case they can be rounded or faceted.

The different references shown and respective description correspond to SIE's standard products available. Other products may be developed and produced according to the client's needs.
The solutions shown may vary in terms of colour, include different certifications, have a wide range of accessories and optional characteristics associated, and be produced with other specific features.


  • Químicos Chemical
  • Agro-Alimentar Agrifood
  • Farmaceutico Pharmaceutical
  • Fitosanitários Phytosanitary

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